Cash in Transit

With our Cash in Transit service we provide safe and secure transportation of our customers’ monies and valuables from point to point, customer to bank and vice versa. We offer coin and cash processing as an additional service reducing banking fees and freeing our customers time.

S-Security Group was one of the first companies offering this service in Ireland and continues to be a highly regarded and trusted service provider. We are a PSA Licensed company (Licence Number 02424) and operate under the strict security guildlines set out by the PSA.

All our Cash In Transit (CIT) vehicles are equipped with state of the art security and are constantly monitored by our control room through GPS tracking and CCTV monitoring. Among some of our customers that we use this service are financial institutes, retail outlets, hospitals and city councils.

Provision of Cash & Coin

Many customers these days are in need of cash and coin facilities as part of their daily business operations. S-Security would be happy to discuss any information or provide a quote for same.

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